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Meet Michelle


Hi, my name is Michelle Moss. I was born and raised here in Montana and nothing makes me happier than being outside and being in the company of animals!  When people ask me if I'm a dog or cat person, without hesitation I say "both!" My two dogs and cat can attest to that!  

I started pet sitting in Texas over 10 years ago and it quickly became a passion.  I provided care for dogs, cats, horses, chickens, birds, pigs and fish and loved every minute of it.  I was able to return to Montana in 2019 and decided to do the same here.  Since then I've added rabbits, guinea pigs, hermit crabs and lizards to my list.  

I have the best clients here and would like to get to know some more!  I always tell my clients that yes, your pets are going to miss you, but I promise they are going to fall in love with me too!  I treat everyone I take care of like they're my own, and mine are loved!

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